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    Troubleshooting DELL E173FPB Liquid crystal display Check with power blink symptom is quite straightforward if you know the correct treatment to examination it. There are two sections in the check that can lead to electricity to blink. It is possibly major or secondary segment or even occasionally equally sections can be faulty. So to isolate as which segment is supplying issue. I utilised an car twelve volt light-weight bulb (brake gentle) and hook up it among the twelve volt source line and cold floor with the fuse removed. If the bulb nonetheless blink chances is extremely large the electrical power primary section have issue.Do not forget the other voltages line as nicely such as the 3.three and 5 volts. If any elements shorted that will get the provide from the 5 and three.three volts, the electricity also may possibly blink. If the twelve volts bulb lights up we can suppose that the electrical power provide is doing work fantastic and anything shorted even more down the line that can make the electricity provide to blink. If the bulb lights and you keep on to verify the power section, it will be likely to waste your time. You should now focus on the secondary section circuit this kind of as the 4 transistors C5707 that travel the large voltage transformer in the inverter board.Just believe these transistors like horizontal output transistor (Very hot) in the CRT keep track of that push the flyback transformer the place it labored so challenging and possibilities for it to breakdown is really high. Examining the 4 transistors off board located one of them have a shorted reading with an ohmmeter.. This transistor can get Smartphone testen Diagnose defective by alone or it could be some other people parts that brought on it to build a limited circuit such as a defective large voltage transformer but all of the 4 substantial voltage transformers checked to be all right with ringer and ohmmeter check.Now, listed here is the secret that I’m likely to expose. If you just change the defective transistor only, chances is very high the transistor or an additional C5707 transistor will breakdown again. Normally what a technician does is to test the other transistors with both an analog or electronic meter. If you use equally meters to test the transistors then you have missed out on the faulty transistor because the two meters is not going to expose to you the hfe studying of the transistors. Only some digital meters have the hfe checking characteristic. In other words, you have to use test the hfe studying of a transistor. Though you can replace the other three transistors directly, why not we do some detective operate to discover the result in of the difficulty?Utilizing the Peak digital atlas component analyzer, I could evidently see the different among a good and a poor transistor. A good C5707 transistor has hfe studying from 320 to about 390 but the poor one particular reads 467! The other two C5707 transistors have studying about 350. In the earlier mentioned scenario only two C5707 transistors have been changed and you save the other two. I had melt away in examination this Liquid crystal display monitor for many times and it labored completely fantastic.Summary- No matter whether you mend the DELL E173FPB Lcd Check or any other design this sort of as the E172FPB or E171FPB, fundamentally the testing method is the exact same. You could also use this tests procedure on other brand of Lcd Check also.